Shelby_best edit_smallSwine Technician – Farrowing/Breeding – St. Anthony, IA area

General Responsibilities: 

Will work in both Farrowing and Breeding as a Swine Technician.

In farrowing the technician is responsible to support the birthing process of newborn pigs, the related initial growth and weaning of healthy pigs in each farrowing group. In breeding the technician would be asked to use appropriate methods and techniques to provide healthy pregnant sows to the Farrowing Department.

In breeding, the technician will work to complete effective breedings and the proper number of breedings and in farrowing the technician will take the necessary steps to grow healthy young pigs.  Both departments will do this to achieve the number of healthy pigs weaned for the farm.

Essential Job Functions: 

  • Checking feeding system to make sure all animals are receiving feed and water through the barn.
  • Check animals for stress, sickness, vaccinate, treat/medicate as needed and manage sick animals following farm protocols.
  • Check production environment and cleanup where needed.
  • Complete heat checks of animals to determine readiness for breeding.
  • Complete steps to artificially inseminate sows to meet weaned pig goals for the farm.
  • Maintain swine semen inventory, determine breeding needs and orders as appropriate.
  • Complete pregnancy checks of sows and monitor pregnancies.
  • Maintain proper identification and breeding records according to farm protocol.
  • Safely sort and move animals within Breeding or into Farrowing using proper techniques.
  • Communicate with Breeding Department to plan animal flow and processing.
  • Setup and prepare farrowing rooms for new animal arrivals.
  • Move sows into farrowing and into rooms in an effort to level weaning ages within each room.
  • Process litters and support the birthing of new pigs daily.
  • Wean healthy sows and pigs according to protocols.
  • Transfers litters in preparation for shipment to grower farms.
  • Maintain proper identification and farrowing records according to farm protocol.
  • Complete power washing, disinfecting and cleanup as needed.
  • Check and help maintain the waste removal/management system according to farm protocols.
  • Follow all Biosecurity Protocols.
  • General Maintenance and repairs as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned throughout the farm.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Must enjoy working with swine.
  • Must have mechanical skills necessary to do day to day maintenance on facilities.
  • Must have basic knowledge of, or be willing to learn proper swine husbandry skills.
  • Must be self motivated and be able to work unsupervised.
  • Must be able to plan ahead (Be Proactive).
  • Must be able to work in a swine production facility environment.
  • Must be detailed oriented.
  • Must be physically capable of lifting 75 pounds occasionally and loading/moving animals using appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Must be able to troubleshoot problems in swine production facilities and take corrective actions as needed.
  • Must have good attendance.
  • Must be able to work safely as a condition of employment.

Please click on the link below to fill out our Employee Application and email along with your resume to: Tracy Jones 

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2nd Shift Feed Delivery Drivers – Oakville, Iowa

Job Summary: 

  • Valid CDL-A
  • Good driving record
  • Solid experience driving tractor trailers
  • Able to operate unloading equipment at customer locations

Our 2nd shift drivers normally start at 2:30 p.m. and work Monday – Friday. These positions are based out of our Oakville, Iowa Feed Mill.

Please click on the link below to fill out our Employee Application and email to: Brian Blake or Michelle Stone

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