Pure Pork Program

Corn in handsPure Pork™ consists of high yielding proprietary seed corn hybrids, with the grain harvested used primarily in the production of feed for TriOak’s pork production partners. Corn growers who participate in TriOak Foods Pure Pork™ Program during the 2013 planting season will earn a premium of up to $0.08 per bushel on Pure Pork™ corn production delivered to any TriOak grain facility.

Increase Your Profits

Capturing the highest yield per acre along with maximum nutrient uptake is included in our mission. A great hybrid along with maximum genetic capacity management equals highest return per acre. TriOak, through its certified crop adviser and available resources, provides the service and knowledge to make this possible.

Marketing Made Easy

The Pure Pork™ Program also allows growers to participate in TriOak’s guaranteed marketing program at no charge. Contact the TriOak Grain Department for program details.

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